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Who are we

"Psalmyary" - this Belarusian word means "those who sing psalms" or "Psalm singers". That's the name of our music band from Minsk, Belarus.
Recently there has been a great interest in Psalms, one of the Bible's books, a collection of poetic prayers, requests to God, thanksgivings and praises. All throughout history believers of many confessions have been turning to it and the Scripture in general with a longing to praise the Lord in the song, drawing from it ideas for songs of praise and worship, psalms and hymns.
A band that later got the name of "PSALMYARY" was born in one of the Evangelical churches in Minsk, the Republic of Belarus. We can tell the time of its birth only approximately - 1998. This happened when part of musicians from the church worship team accepted the invitation from their pastor Benjamin Brukh, left their secular jobs and devoted all their time to serving the Lord as a music band.
It was the time of changes. Everything has been changed: relationships, priorities, church… Exactly during that time the Lord has started changing our human perspectives on praise and worship, church service order and the role of the musical ministry in this all. God has changed our traditional thinking about musical ministry. We've been learning to flow in God's presence, to listen to what He wants to do at every specific moment, and through what music He wants to move… We think that music is just a means. We decide right at the moment what to play, the style and if it's worth playing at all… It's impossible to express "God's maelstrom" with words. Sometimes God gives us a new song right during the time of worship!
Exactly in this atmosphere of changes and renewal the Lord has formed out of us what is called "team".

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The team

Dmitry Petrovsky
Leading Vocalist, key-board.

Yekaterina Petrovskaya

Dmitry Varenik

Anatoly Kolyada

Ilya Ivanov

Vladimir Rachkevich
Sound engineer.

In the beginning there were just three of us: the leader of music ministry Dmitry Petrovsky, guitar player Dmitry Varenik and bass player Ilya Ivanov. Soon the Lord "added" to the group the missing part - the drummer Anatoly Kolyada, but the team became complete only after the fifth member of the group - sound engineer Vladimir Rachkevich - joined us. There is also the sixth member in the band - Dmitry's wife, violinist Yekaterina Petrovskaya.
We'd like to define the term "team", the way we see and apply it. A team - is a group of people having identical ideas, working to achieve the same purpose and having a common cause. A team cannot function without mutual aid and understanding. Worship service is a spiritual activity. And the worship team often generates new songs and music spontaneously; it comes from the Lord while the musicians play on the stage. The musicians of a worship team need mutual understanding even without words more than any other musicians. They need to play harmoniously and efficiently, because they don't just play music - they participate in GOD'S MOVEMENT, IN GOD'S WORK right now, right here - at the service!
Of course, the band "PSALMYARY" is not limited to just five members. At the services other musicians, who play the violin, percussion, the brass instruments and even the mandolin, join us.
It's also important to say that we are the members of the pastor's team. We wouldn't have become who we are today without his understanding, trust and encouragement.

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What we do

What do the "Psalmyary" do? Take part in church services. Hold special praise and worship services. Together with the pastor visit churches in the other cities. Hold workshops on praise and worship in the other cities of Belarus and abroad. God has used us in this way in the towns of Borisov, Novopolotsk, Grodno, Gomel, Brest, Mozyr, Maryina Gorka, Mogilyov and in many cities of Russia and the Ukraine.
We also serve as a musical band with our focus on evangelism. Twice we have taken part in the international Christian festival in Kherson, the Ukraine; in St.-Petersburg where we played on the ship "Logos II" which belongs to the international Christian missionary organization "Freedom to the World", we have ministered in the churches of Moscow several times (the church in Tushino and the church "Jesus is Lord!"). In 2000 bishop Natalya Shedrivaya invited us to take part in the international women's conference, which was organized by Ladonna Osborn; who was also the main speaker.
But in spite of all these projects, first of all "Psalmyary" remain the worship team of the Church of Jesus Christ in Minsk.

From the editor:
Each member of the group "Psalmyary" is a professional musician and a spiritually mature and devoted worshiper, not only able to lead the church in worship, but also to teach and train others. It was God's will to join them in one team and give them one heart and vision.
I can say with certainty that God used the time that I spent serving Him with these worshipers to prepare me for my own calling. I wouldn't have become who I am today without them. I wouldn't have learned so much about worship as I did worshiping with them. I learned how to operate the gifts of prophecy, word of knowledge and healing during praise and worship. But the most important is that I experienced such intimacy in my relationships with God, that I hadn't known it was possible.

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Our church

It was founded by pastors Benjamin and Nellie Brukh in 1991. They supported and encouraged us in the beginning of our work as a music group. They also supported our friends and members of our church - the "New Ierusalim" group. Pastor Benjamin believed in us, encouraged us, and became our teacher, friend and producer. At present he has a ministry in the USA.
Boris and Bella Chernoglaz are now the pastors of our church. We are the members of the pastor's team.
The church has a vision of revival and renewal of Belarus.

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ONYXrecords Studio

Our studio was created in 2000 as a base where the "Psalmyary" work on songs. Moreover we try to help talented musicians to reveal their creative potential. We work on all stages: from musical accompaniment to recording and mastering of musical albums.
Now we are building new, bigger premises for the studio. We will gladly and gratefully receive any help.

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